Two New Irish Music On Mandola Videos!

I’ve been busy this past week recording new videos for my YouTube channel (which you can subscribe to here), and two of those videos are Irish music on Mandola!

New Irish Music Videos On My YouTube Channel

It’s been a while since I recorded an Irish music video (since last November perhaps?). But I picked up a beautiful mandola this week and it just needs to play Irish music on it. I don’t make the rules. As time allows, I’m planning on recording quite a bit more of Irish music on mandola as it’s just a great tone and offers a quicker response than my octave mandolin.

Here is Foggy Dew played on Mandola:

And here is an O’Carolan tune called Eleanor Plunkett played on mandola:

I also added three other videos. I did a quick over view of my church and worship violin set up (pick up, pedal, and preamp), as part of my Violin Worship, A Tutorial series. You can watch that one here.

Another video I did was just walking through some basic techniques to begin playing mandolin faster. Here is the link for that one.

And finally, I did a video unboxing and test on my Donner Mini Verb Square Pedal. It’s a great pedal to add some tone to the violin before it goes into the main board. Check it out here.

So yes, I’ve been busy this week! And it’s been great. Not sure if I can continue this pace or not. It’ll be a busy summer with weddings and some other gigs. But if you do watch these videos, feel free to share, and of course subscribe to my YouTube channel. I do enjoy hearing from those of you who do watch my YouTube channel videos, so let me know either in the comments on this post or even better, in the comments on the videos you watch!

Want me to play Irish music at your event? Go to my contact page and send me a message! I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.


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