Irish Music Videos

I play Irish music and other Celtic music genres on octave mandolin, mandola, mandolin, and fiddle, and I have for quite some time. I’ve even been able to perform Irish music at some cool venues and festivals. Recently, in 2021 I was able to preform Irish music at the Peoria Irish Festival in Illinoi. So of course I make Irish music videos for my YouTube channel.

These videos represent recent performances and recordings that I’ve put on my YouTube channel (which you should follow!). For booking info, e-mail or head to my contact page. The Irish and Celtic music videos here will be listed in the order I’ve recorded them. The tunes represented include Irish traditional music, tunes by Turlough O’Carolan, and even some of my own original tunes.

Irish and Celtic Music Videos

Eleanor Plunkett played on Mandola

Foggy Dew played on Mandola

Separation of Soul and Body by O’Carolan played on Octave Mandolin

Monday Morning Jig played on octave mandolin

This is actually an original tune of mine.

Si Bheag, Si Mhor played on octave mandolin

I have more Irish music videos on my YouTube channel, and will be recording these on a regular basis! Go subscribe to my YouTube channel and turn notifications on to know when I post another Irish music video.

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