Irish & Celtic Music

My Irish & Celtic music background is pretty varied. I’ve been playing and writing traditional Irish music for more than 18 years, and I play it on the fiddle, octave mandolin, and the mandolin.

I perform solo, or depending on the venue needs, with a guitarist and/or drummer. For booking purposes, I play and have played everything: festivals, private parties, coffee shops, bars, and restaurants. If you have an event and need Irish music, let’s chat.

While I was at Grand Valley State University, I started the GVSU Celtic Music Club, which allowed for both music majors and non-music majors to play and perform Irish and Celtic music together in a low-pressure, community-oriented setting, similar to Irish music sessions.

My performance activity has seen me perform at the Peoria(Illinois) Irish Music Festival a couple of times, the Sparta Celtic Music Festival, and a quite a few different venues across the state of Michigan. I’ve done some stuff with bands as well.

For booking information, head over to my contact page or scroll down to fill out the form below. Or send an e-mail to For Irish and Celtic music teaching information, head over to my shop page where you can purchase up to 4 virtual or in person lessons per month, or head over to the contact page also.

For more samples of my playing, head over to my YouTube channel at Hit the subscribe button and then let me know what you think! I try to upload at least one video a week over there.

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