What I’m Learning This Weekend: Forked Deer

What I’m Learning This Weekend: Forked Deer

This is a great old-time fiddle tune that I’ve messed around with in the past but haven’t ever really committed to memory. There are a LOT of settings of Forked Deer out there on the internet. I’m using this version (below) from MusicaViva.

Forked Deer is a traditional tune set in a traditional, ‘Binary’ form. Forked Deer, also known as Forked Buck, Forky Deer and several others, hails from the Virginia area, and is American in origin. You can find out a lot more about the tune from the Traditional Tune Archive here: https://tunearch.org/wiki/Annotation:Forked_Deer

Like always, when learning a new tune, I’m going to be using a metronome, and I’d recommend you do also! I feel like there’s a tendency to rush this tune as there’s a lot of step-wise motion in the notation.

Found this version with Chris Thile and Michael Daves on YouTube:

The virtuosity presented here as well as the original variations makes this probably my favorite version of the tune.

If there’s one thing about this tune that I like most, it’s probably how easy it is to come up with variations however slight or more complex you want them. The B section specifically lends itself well to this, and that’s definitely one reason you can find sheet music for dozens of variations of this tune online.

So that’s what I’m learning this weekend, what are you learning?

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