Best Beginning Mandolin Method Books

There are a lot of mandolin method books out there. Here are my recommended best beginning and intermediate mandolin method books.

Mandolin Method Book 1 $7.99 on Amazon

This book by Rich Delgrosso and published by Hal Leonard offers a great mix of basic technique, including reading music, posture, how to hold the mandolin, different types of scales, rhythms, and even double stops. It’s a great way to begin learning the mandolin.

Mandolin Method Book 2 $7.99 on Amazon

This is the follow up book to the Mandolin Method Book 1 by Rich Delgrosso and published by Hal Leonard. This book continues where Book 1 left off. In the Mandolin Method Book 2, you learn chords, different styles of playing (including sampling different genres), transposition, and more.

The Complete Mandolinist $29.99 on Amazon

This mandolin method book by Marilynn Mair and published by Mel Bay is a fantastic book for more intermediate mandolin students. While some concepts are touched on the same way as the Mandolin Method Book 1 and Book 2 are, The Complete Mandolinist is a book that presents techniques in a much more in depth way. There is quite a bit of full-length etudes and pieces presented here, including movements of Vivaldi’s C Major Mandolin Concerto.

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